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Speed switch for the AC and DC control
Edit:Dongguan Cheng Jun electronics limited   UpDate:2016-01-26

Adjustable speed switch this electronic type of products in using of when by play out of role is different of, especially people life in the using of Exchange electric and DC electric, so people in purchase of when best understand this aspects of problem, guarantee himself in purchase of when can right of purchase, cannot because himself for this aspects no understand, results let himself cannot is good of to using such of products, main of difference is they inside of adjustable speed of way and principle some difference, After all, AC and DC power when used with different categories.

Adjustable speed switch in Exchange electric inside using of when, main of several adjustable speed of way is through inductance type of for this inside of control, this application very of widely, people life in the using of many of mechanical are is used of this, using up quality very of durable, addition also has tapped type of adjustable speed way, also has capacitor type of adjustable speed way, these are is application of very widely of, frequency type of adjustable speed way and SCR type of adjustable speed way of application and front of some difference, Need to use is the best to make some of this understanding.

General life of small and medium electric speed switch is basically that of DC, the armature circuit resistance control mode, has a great breadth of use, there are ways of controlling the speed of the armature voltage, high power direct current control mode.

These applications require different uses according to the different appliances, generally when people use in everyday life, are direct purchases can be a combination switch for internal structures do not need to do a deep understanding can, operation is relatively simple.

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