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Company's products
17AMI protector
17AMI protector

17AMI series Thermal Protector / Protector for motor electrical specifications:

Electrical characteristics:AC125V/18A AC250V/9A 50HZ/60HZ

Contact life:≥ 10,000cycles

Contact resistance:≤ 50m


Temperature range:55-185

温度公差:±3 ±5 ±10

Return temperature: temperature 10-45

Note: the recovery temperature can be set according to customer requirements, minimum on-off 5c range.

17AMI automatic reset thermal protection, motor protection

▲/17AMI series Thermal Protector motor protection product structure characteristic:

17AMI series Thermal Protector is a flow, which is characterized by small size, break fast, precise control (electric motors,

Transformers ... And other electrical appliances) temperature limit, overcurrent protection components.

17AMI Thermal Protector works: currents through a pair of metal sheets and two contact points when the non-working electrical heating temperature reaches thermal protection

Value or set OFF when excessive current exceeds the normal operating current, bimetallic Strip quickly jumped away, cut off the circuit. When the temperature of electric cooling

To revert to the temperature thermal protector, bimetal snap, circuit. With automatic reset function.

▲ 17AMI products/motor protector the thermal protector product advantages:

Miniaturization design of 17AMI thermal protection, small size, easy to install. Steel seal, vacuum impregnation.

Temperature specifications (temperature range 55-185 ° c), contact capacity.

Temperature sensitive, disconnect the quick, each departing from the temperature calibration and testing is strictly. Imports by bimetallic 100%

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17AMI thermal protection with double overheating protection against overcurrent.

Riveted with different specifications according to customer demand and the length of the terminal lead wires.

We provides Mylar Sleeves, heat-shrinkable sleeve, temperature protection switch and the motor or short circuits caused by the metal contacts, and can provide ultrasonic

Compression sleeve seal, not loose.

Application (17AMI) to prevent overheating in the following areas:

Various types of motors (AC motors, DC motors, pump ...

Transformers (transformers, power supplies, inverters ...

Batteries (battery pack, charger ...

Lighting, fluorescent ballasts, HID ballasts ...

Vacuum cleaner, high pressure cleaners, submersible pumps, high pressure water pump ...

Electric appliances (power tools, mixer, grinder ...

Heating pads, heating pads; medical heating pad ...

Heating apparatus, electrical appliances, household appliances, equipment, .... A wide range of applications.

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