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Motor protective device manufacturers
Motor protective device manufacturers

Motor protectors for electrical reasons overload, phase, layers, short circuit and grounding line short circuit, coil leakage, damage caused by transient voltage inflows, or due to mechanical reasons, such as blocking, motor body when it encounters a solid, due to heat conduction phenomena lack of bearing wear or oil, damage to the motor. Or due to abnormal operation or damage will result in loss of production or stop period of losses of human cannot be likened to the replacement cost of the motor itself, and its huge losses, then we need to effectively protect the motor, in order to ensure the normal operation of production.

For electrical reasons for failures, whether it is overcurrent or overvoltage, the increase mainly because of the current moment, damage caused by the motor load current value is exceeded. Motor Protector based on this principle, by monitoring the two phases of the motor (three phase) lines of the current changes, motor protection, over voltage, low voltage, is by testing the motor voltage, motor protection.

The basic principle and working process:

To reflect current changes in linear motor the sensor to protect the sample port of the device, after rectification, after the filtering process, converted and the motor current is directly proportional to the DC voltage signal and sent to the appropriate protection of the part with the given parameters, then by a microcontroller circuit, promoting the power circuit, the relay.

When the motor current increases due to driver overload, voltage obtained from the current sensor signal will increase, this voltage value is greater than the protection of the setting values, overloaded circuits, RC delay circuit after a certain (adjustable) latency drive exit relay, the contacts and cut off the primary circuit. Undervoltage and phase protection function section, working principle is basically the same.

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