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Band switch maintenance:

Band switch's main fault was bad (that is, the contact resistance is greater than 0.5 ω), sliding and contact between a certain resistance or when little or circuit breaker. For example will cause the radio is completely silent and sound intermittent and low-band low vibration sensitivity or failure. Processing methods are as follows:

(1) the rotating band switch due to dynamic, exposed contacts, direct ethanol instillation, set between contacts, while constantly rotating band switch handle, make the move and contact friction removes dirt and oxide layers, and cleaning. If touching the Reed contacts do not contact properly with a knife, Reed photo adjustments available contacts, make contact.    Sometimes, the band may have a switch switch is not used, you can alternate as substitution group. (2) band switch this switch to use force for the sealed switch housing is not easy to open, so alcohol cleaning solution only managed to drop from a sliding clearance into the switch, while constantly pull handle so that the contacts are fully cleaned, make good contact, and to eliminate leakage.

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