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MFR01 rotary switches
MFR01 rotary switches

Raing rated: 8A 125/250VAC (CUL)

12A-8(3)A 250V-uT125/55(ENEC17)

ELECTRICAL (electronic Qi feature):

(觸 electric resistance) INITIAL CONTACT RESISTANCE:30mΩ Max.

(Action force) OPERATION FORCE:500±200gf

(Absolute edge electric resistance) INSULATION RESISTANCE:100MΩ Min. 500VDC

(Electronic Qi jeon) ENDURANCE:10,000 CYCLES



Basic parameters:

1. applicable temperature: 0~125

2. rated: 8A 125/250VAC FOR UL/C-UL

12A-8(3)A 250V~ mT125/55 for EUROPEAN SAFETY (ENEC)

3. electrical characteristics:

1) contact resistance: under the micro-ohmmeter test specifications in the DC0.2V/1A, contact resistance insulation resistance less than 20 cents more than

100 mohm

2) voltage: two different terminal open circuit voltage of 1500VAC could pass a minute when. Terminals and metal flux

One minute the withstand voltage of 1500VAC.

3) life expectancy tests: test voltage 250VAC test current 6 a, 0.6 power factor, at a speed of 7.5 times per minute, through

9,800 test.

4.MFR01 material: base made up of nylon 66 and 30% glass, stalked by the PBT and 30% glass, fire-proof grade 94V-0.

5.LEGION safety MFR01 switch: UL,CUL,ENEC17,CQC

6. rotation: 1) 36-10 with no rebound () function;

2) 36-7 gear with resilience () function;

3) 45-8 with no rebound () function;

4) 45 degree 5 gear with resilience () function;

7. installation: 1) nut fixed!

2) screw holes!

8.MFR01 reviewed: this species switch more with in juice machine, mixer, air purification device, small appliances Shang, for document bit select, up can for 8 document with points moving, fixed hole bit from for 36mm, rotating Shi document bit obviously, voice crisp, no card delay, feel good, and has variety different height of rotating handle and the nut and screws two species installation way can for select!


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